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Dennis The Menace By Hank Ketcham April 1, 1963

Source:https://www. newspapers. com/image/112899488. 08:08 21.09.2019 kanalilt Jeannette's take on life


Source:https://www. newspapers. com/image/112904805. 07:49 21.09.2019 kanalilt Jeannette's take on life

Clip: The GodHead ~ Jason Estes #15

Here for the clip. The GodHead already knows everything. (Although I believe that we are now moving from the Heart to our High Heart. ). 07:19 21.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0 ~ Unworthy of Success ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes.

Feeling and being unworthy of success is now being released and cleared from in and around me Please continue here for the rest of the commands. 06:48 21.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Limited by Definition ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111Anything that would define you seeks to limit you. Do you understand this concept? You seek to define God, and you cannot, because God cannot be defined. You seek to know yourself in truth, but you want the truth to attend to you as you think it should based in your expectations of what you think it should be. And in defining truth in this way, you move back to the lies you've known. 06:46 21.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Zero Point Equinox Portal ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 September 2019

"Some warn of ‘equinox cracks’ that form in earth’s magnetic field during the equinox – we call these openings portals or stargates. "Meg Benedicte is calling the next year the Great Shift of 2020. Source: New Earth CentralOn Monday, September 23rd the Equinox arrives at 0 degree Libra, opening a stargate portal in zero point energy while day and night are equal length. It is the balance point between opposing forces. 06:30 21.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Preparation for Equinox ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 September 2019

Source: Sandra WalterHere we glow, Beloveds. We Create as One. In our Mastery, we shower this planet and all of her life with the highest levels of Divine LoveLight through the awakened Presence of Source in our Hearts. This month holds the possibility for positive, somewhat surprising change. As vehicles for these positive unfoldments, we co-create the amplification of Divine Love in the NOW as a high act of Divine Service. 06:22 21.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan


01:30 21.09.2019 kanalilt 1. KLASS

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„Palmik“ on Laetitia Colombani esimene romaan, mille annotatsioon on nii hĂ€sti lahti kirjutatud, et ei teki ĂŒldse kĂŒsimust, kas lugeda vĂ”i mitte: loomulikult lugeda!Raamatu sĂŒndmustik viib meid Indiasse, Sitsiiliasse, Kanadasse. Kolm naist Smita, Giulia ja Sarah elavad maailma eri paigus. Neist Smita on mÀÀratud elama India kĂ”ige madalamasse kasti, millest vĂ€lja saada on pea vĂ”imatu. 21:21 20.09.2019 kanalilt

Abiks lapse kasvatamisel

https://lood. delfi. ee/perejakodu/peresuhted/mis-juhtub-kui-sa-lapsele-piire-ei-sea-ja-lased-tal-ise-koike-otsustada?id=73180579. 20:08 20.09.2019 kanalilt KASTANIMUNAKE

Seest siiru-viiruline, pealt kullakarvaline 16. -20.

KartulitrĂŒkk Aedviljade maitsmine AitĂ€h vanematele, meil on ilusad uued hommikuringi padjad Arva Ă€ra, mis see on. . . Naeri muinasjutt MĂ”mmikud koristasid maailma. AitĂ€h vanematele, et kindad kaasa andsite!. 13:50 20.09.2019 kanalilt MÕMMIKUD

LiiklusnÀdal 9.-13. september

Munaga kiivrikatse 13:20 20.09.2019 kanalilt MÕMMIKUD

Separation ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111So now, once you understand that your individual consciousness is being transformed through these energies that are acclimating the planet right now, and once you understand that this makes for change on individual consciousness and group experience, you can begin to understand a little more about what is transpiring on a global level. All of the groups are fighting who believe in separation. 12:51 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Magic is Happening ~ Maureen Moss ~ 19 September 2019

Source: Maureen MossMagic is happening. On Saturday night I took a pretty bad fall. . . back down. Immediately I looked at my back in the mirror and saw a 6 inch slash across my back where it hit the walll and took a great deal of my skin. I smeared my back with anti-flammatory creme and went back to bed in sheer agony. The next day was worse and I knew I had either bruised my ribs or fractured them. 12:50 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0 ~ Visions of Failure ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes.

Visions of failure are now being released and cleared from my eyesPlease continue here for the rest. 12:49 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

All Life Is InterConnected ~ Sherwin Ng

House of KiteAs we heal the deep wounds within ourselves, we also heal the wounds of Humanity as a whole. All Life is one, interconnected, symbiotic. 12:36 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 September 2019

Source: Jason EstesInsight: I want to take a moment and share with you one of the most powerful things I've learned in this life so far, and its the value of attentioni respect the attention you give me and so i do my best to only share things that are worth your time and i always do so as a choice nothing moreAttention is the most valuable thing you posses because it is your energy your giving awaywhat you focus on can change your life for the better or not based on what you choose to foc 12:25 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

SR Reading

Space Observing SystemDoing my best to function. . . . this one's really. . . . rough. 12:20 20.09.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan