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Carcinogenic Foods - Life style disorders!!

I am here with a fresh topic on the start of 2019 but not new for sure as the world is going towards "Health Era",many of us would have come across these issues in one or the other form. So just thought to give a brush upon them. #01:20 26.01.2019 kanalilt Anu -


What is in your Lipstick?

It's so devastating for me when I was recently going through an article on what kind of chemical concoction is present in our cosmetics and skin care products. #05:04 11.10.2018 kanalilt Anu -


Dirty Dozen and GMOs

These days am horrified with the thoughts about food adulteration as well as pesticide content we get to consume along with the so called "Healthy food". . . There are gone days where we say "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away". . but instead as eating a single apple makes you drink a concoction of pesticides. #17:55 31.05.2018 kanalilt Anu -


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