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Etiquette: How to Carry a Clutch?

What's right or wrong? Should etiquette be followed nowadays anyway? As I've written before, my interest in etiquette has grown with years. It's like a secret language that's interesting to learn and observe how many stick to the rules or whether they think it's important at all. #18:23 11.08.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Perfume Portrait: Lanvin Modern Princess

I remember many princesses from my childhood. There was Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and of course Cinderella. . . But I somehow wasn't too captivated by their stories. #07:59 08.08.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Juicy summer cake with gooseberry-lemon paste

Gooseberry is surely one of the most underrated summer berries. Perhaps it's the pretty long and strenuous process of cleaning the berries or the fairly strong skin and the fact that it has lots of seeds. #20:54 05.08.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


TOP 5: Deep Cleansing Masks

A good deep cleansing face mask should be in every woman's bathroom. The first mask I ever bought was a clay mask, and deep cleansing masks have always been part of my skincare routine. When you use masks on a regular basis, they help you save money and give a perfectly clean skin in return. #18:59 03.08.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky



Every time I visit my parents, I go past a house with a wonderfully beautiful yellow door. I've been promising from year to year that I'll do a photo series in front of that door. Last week I fulfilled that promise. #18:39 28.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Me and Mr. Smith. Everything Stops for Tea.

It wasn't love at first sight. It was love at first moment. If it had eyes, they would be steel grey. If it had a smile, it would be a mere smirk. If it was a man, I'd say he's "my cup of tea" and look for another chance to . . . accidentally meet him again. #14:28 27.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


International Giveaway: adidas originals Stan Smith

Stellarium is holding another amazing international giveaway! This one should be after your taste if you love three stripes and adidas in general. Yes, you heard it - Stellarium is giving away two fancy pairs of adidas shoes. #20:11 25.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Magic trip with Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal is an internationally famous chef who has inspired thousands of people to look at the culinary arts with a completely fresh gaze. He has a three Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, England, he has written seven books and done TV shows for over ten years. #21:42 24.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


The photo that angered my mum

I have had a romantic relationship with romantic skirts since I was little. So when I saw this skirt in the store this winter, I didn't hesitate whether to take it or leave it. Of course it travelled straight into my wardrobe to wait for the summer. #18:32 21.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Instagram Inspiration: Meet Juniper and Fig!

Instagram has created a unique chance to be part of anyone's life who wishes to share what they're up to. So, animals, whose owners happily share images of their pet, have become social media stars as well. #21:06 18.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Girl Friday: The Galliano dress

Beige dresses have always been something I walk past, without giving them a second though. #14:12 14.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Etiquette - which jewellery to wear and when?

For years, Estonia's most legendary etiquette teacher Maaja Kallast was a good friend of mine. We only met twice, but sometimes spoke on the phone every week. #07:35 12.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


NYX Baltic Face Awards: when everything goes wrong.

You know those days when everything goes wrong? And even more. . . Or at least for you. Nobody else might notice it, but you feel that everything is getting worse by the minute. One wrong step after the other and you're in no mood. #11:43 09.07.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Girl Friday: . . . sometimes I even walk around naked.

One evening my husband asked me whether we were going to that reception or not. . . I grabbed my head. #09:33 16.06.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Two Steps to Healthier Hair

Healthy and beautiful hair has always been an obsession for me. I guess it comes from my mother who never had a bad hair day as far as I remember. Her hair was always nicely done, and her hair was healthy. But for hair to look good every day, you need to work with them every day. #17:07 14.06.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Stellariumi Suur Ostupidu tuleb taas!

Veebruaris toimus Stellariumil koostöös Sarapuu Kirbukaga esimene Ostupidu, mis oli tõeliset hoogne: kohal oli nii tuntud inimesi, andekaid blogijaid kui ka väga-väga-väga palju šoppajaid. Hea uudis on see, et saabuval laupäeval, 10. #21:38 09.06.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Meet June!

Meet June. It's raining, hailing, and the wind is so cold it's time to bring out a warm jacket again. But no biggie. Those who adjust quick will survive. So I'll continue with my jumpsuit series. #09:22 08.06.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky

Stellarium BeautyBox "Celebrate June!"

June brings the long-awaited Stellarium BeautyBox that bears the name "Celebrate June!" this time. Every beauty enthusiast will find a lovely selection of beauty products from Stellarium BeautyBox. #07:31 08.06.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


Jumpsuit is the New Dress

I have long lazy days behind me where I went to visit my parents. Looking around my mother's wardrobe I found a skirt with a trick. Actually, it wasn't a skirt, but trousers that seemed like a skirt when worn. #06:25 31.05.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky


The Bag Whisperer: The Royal Handbag

Queen Elizabeth II has been wearing handbags by the famous English brand Launer. She started wearing Launer as a young woman already, and she has stayed true to the brand til this day. So it's no wonder that there are nearly 200 different Launer bags in her wardrobe. #16:14 25.05.2017 kanalilt Stellarium by Stella K. Wadowsky