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Visualize Azure CDN metrics with Grafana

Azure CDN is one of Azure services that doesn’t provide charts and metrics in service overview page. For me these charts are important because they help me to optimize delivery of my blog artifacts. #09:14 20.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


System memory health check for ASP.NET Core

I found temporary cross-platform solution for . NET Core to read system memory metrics until framework level libraries appear. This blog post shows how to build ASP. NET Core health check for system memory metrics. #05:06 16.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Reading Windows and Linux memory metrics with . NET Core.

Until . NET Core gets its own cross-platform system metrics support I needed something simple to get system memory metrics of servers where ASP. NET Core application is running. I wasn’t able to find a nice solution but I still worked out something to get system memory metrics with. #19:27 15.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Getting started with Jekyll blog hosted on Azure static website

Building fully static web sites and blogs is possible anno domini 2019 and I tried out how it works using Jekyll and Azure services. My goal as a tech guy was keeping things small and automate as much as possible. After few days of experimenting I came out with beast solution described here. #03:40 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi

Setting up Azure storage static website for Jekyll

Before setting up Jekyll build and release pipelines on Azure DevOps we need static website service on Azure. It’s special feature of blob storage. This blog post shows how to set up and manage Azure static website. #03:33 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi

Azure DevOps build pipeline for Jekyll

We have Git repository and Azure static website set up. It’s time to connect these two with Jekyll build and release pipelines to automate publishing from our machine to static website. This part of series focuses on Jekyll build pipeline. #03:24 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi

Azure DevOps release pipeline for Jekyll

Previous post in series focused on setting up Jekyll build pipeline. After successful build we have new version of blog waiting for publishing in build artifacts folder. This post shows how to publish Jekyll static blog to Azure static website using Azure DevOps release pipeline. #03:12 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi

Taking Jekyll static blog live with Azure CDN and custom domain

Our Jekyll blog is published to Azure static website automatically using Jekyll build and release pipelines. We can access site through Azure storage URL. To go live we want to use custom domain and we need Azure CDN for this. Here is how to do it. #03:00 14.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Blazor form validation

Client-side Blazor supports DataAnnotations form validation out of box. It’s simple and intuitive but also very flexible – if needed we can use the same mechanism to replace DataAnnotations validation with some other validation component. #15:42 12.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Self-contained executable with . NET Core 3. 0 on Windows, Linux and Raspberry.

NET Core 3. 0 comes with support for self-contained executables. It means we can publish applications as a single executable for specified platform. Also trimming – removing of unused code from assemblies – is supported. This blog post demonstrates how to build self-contained executable using. #05:00 09.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Displaying ASP. NET Core health checks with Grafana and InfluxDB.

After finishing my writing about ASP. NET Core health checks I started finding a way how to visual health check results so I can display these on the wall mounted TV or big screen. This blog post introduces how to visualize ASP. NET Core health checks with Grafana and InfluxDB. #05:00 08.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Dependency Injection in Azure Functions

Azure Functions V2 supports ASP. NET Core like dependency injection. It is specially good if we write functions that are wrappers for shared libraries and components we are also using in web and other applications of our solution. #05:00 07.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Creating vCard in ASP.NET Core

It’s time to get back to old era of this blog and bring my vCard action result to today’s ASP. NET Core world. There’s also support for images so we can provide really good looking vCards from ASP. NET Core applications. This blog post gives a good base for custom vCard solutions in ASP. NET Core. #05:00 06.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


ASP.NET Core: Inject all instances of interface

We all probably know how to inject instance of interface to class using dependency injection in ASP. NET Core. But how can we inject all instances of interface to some class, let’s say controller? The trick is simple and it’s shown in this blog post. NB! Code here is written on ASP. NET Core 3. #05:00 05.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Building ASP. NET Core “Hello, blinky” IoT application.

After installing ASP. NET Core 3. 0 on Windows 10 IoT Core and getting my ASP. NET Core 3. 0 LED controlling application work I wanted to finish this journey with some classics – Hello, blinky application. Source code for ASP. #05:39 01.08.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Turning LED on and off with ASP. NET Core 3. 0 on RaspberryPi.

After getting . NET Core SDK and ASP. NET Core 3. 0 work on my RaspberryPi and Windows 10 IoT Core I wanted to try out if I can communicate with some electronics right from web application. It is possible and here is how to do it. #04:05 30.07.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Avoiding ping flood in ASP.NET Core health checks

Thing I left out from my post about ASP. NET Core health checks was the old legacy system we all know. It works and nobody wants to touch it. Other systems must be very careful with it because it is easy to break it down with load. #05:00 29.07.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Installing ASP. NET Core 3. 0 on RaspberryPi and Windows 10 IoT Core.

ASP. NET Core 3. 0 will run on RaspberryPi and other boards out of the box. There are also SDK binaries available in . NET Core 3. 0 download page. Having full SDK available on RaspberryPi means that we can now build applications on board. Let’s see how it works. #06:05 26.07.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


ASP.NET Core health checks quick start

ASP. NET Core comes with built-in support for health checks that allow us to monitor system health. It’s not about logging or advanced monitoring – it’s about giving quick information if system is okay or not. This blog post shows how ASP. NET Core health checks work. #06:55 25.07.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Using Authorizing template of AuthorizeView in client-side Blazor applications

After blogging about authentication in server-side Blazor applications and discovering AuthorizationView component I was eager to find out how to use third authentication state Authorizing that is not available for server-side Blazor applications. #23:12 08.07.2019 kanalilt DT blogi