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Stonehenge Livestream! English Heritage is to Digitally Livestream the 21 June 2020 Summer Solstice at the Ancient Megalithic Standing Stones

The traditional live celebration of the annual astronomical Summer Solstice (Midsummer) at the Stonehenge megalithic standing stones has been cancelled for 2020 by English Heritage, but, according to Robb Report, the event is nevertheless to be made available digitally for the first time ever by livestream. Let us all hope for good weather on June #09:11 20.05.2020 kanalilt Ancient World Blog


British Museum Now Offers Nearly Two Million Free Images, as Reported at the Smithsonian Magazine Online

As reported at the Smithsonian Magazine online, the British Museum now offers nearly two million free images for non-commercial use. See the article by Katherine J. Wu at You Can Now Download 1. 9 Million Free Images From the British Museum | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine. #07:44 05.05.2020 kanalilt Ancient World Blog


The History and Prehistory "Industries" Lag Behind the Times in Our Political and Technological Age of Disruption and Need Aristotelian Shakers

The current President of the United States, Donald John Trump, is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is in the nature of the business of politics. Every leader in every nation has adherents and detractors. #12:54 10.06.2019 kanalilt Ancient World Blog


Ancient Migration Between Siberia and North America Based on New DNA Data Analysis: From the Arctic to the U.

Smithsonian Magazine has an article by Brian Handwerk titled "Ancient DNA Reveals Complex Story of Human Migration Between Siberia and North America: Two studies greatly increase the amount of information we have about the peoples who first populated North America—from the Arctic to the Southwest U. #10:49 06.06.2019 kanalilt Ancient World Blog


Origins of Complex Human Social Organization in the Group Exchange of Small Talk and Other Information

We have been very critical of mainstream news media in our past postings, especially in their choice and treatment of "news" items, many of which we would put into the category of "small talk" or "gossip", an interactive form of communication that some say accounts for as much as 75% of daily human speech.We quote Horst Müller in Spektrum der Wisse #18:52 04.06.2019 kanalilt Ancient World Blog


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