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Building experimental hybrid Blazor WebAssembly application

After getting done with Blazor desktop applications I tried to build kind of hybrid Blazor WebAssembly application that can run on desktop and in web equally. Although I failed to make it as one single application, I still got it work with a little different architecture. #06:42 30.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Exploring WebWindow examples for Blazor on desktop

Blazor on desktop is one of latest hot topics and . NET Conf: Focus on Blazor only added more fuel to fire. Blazor seems to come everywhere and it’s unstoppable. One of interesting desktop experiments is WebWindow by Steve Sanderson. #06:16 29.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Start with Surface Duo development on preview emulator and SDK today

Surface Neo and Surface Duo are new devices by Microsoft, planned to launch for holidays season this year. Surface Neo runs Windows and Surface Duo is based on Android. For Surface Duo there’s already preview tooling and SDK available by Microsoft. #05:10 27.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Creating subdomains to Azure DNS from ASP.NET Core

Multitenant wep applications detect current tenant usually by URL checking name of first level folder or subdomain. Usually tenants are defined by subdomain as it is easier to distribute them over data center, cloud services or hosting accounts. #06:01 23.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Inject users and roles dynamically to ASP. NET Core integration tests.

After getting fake authenticated user to ASP. NET Core integration tests I made step further and introduced the way to use different user accounts. Using multiple users and roles instead of one test users is very common scenario in web applications. #05:00 22.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Behind the compiler: 20 examples of C# code before and after compiling

Over years I have written many blog posts about C# and . NET that demonstrate also how things work internally and what C# compiler produces from the code we write. I have called these chapters usually as “Behind the compiler”. #05:00 20.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Announcements from .NET Conf: Focus on Blazor

Microsoft made very interesting announcements at . NET Conf: Focus on Blazor online conference. There are many great things are happening and Blazor is also making a fast progress on finding its way to mobile and desktop. Here’s the short overview of what’s happening and what’s coming next. #03:41 15.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Create fake user for ASP. NET Core integration tests.

After getting done with fake users for ASP. NET Core controller unit tests I wanted to make fake users available also in integration tests. It took some inventing and hacking but I made it work. This blog post shows you how to create fake users for ASP. #04:41 14.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Create fake user for ASP.NET Core controller tests

I think most of ASP. NET Core applications have authentication enabled. When writing unit tests for controllers we have one set of tests that need authenticated user and other set of tests that need anonymous user. Faking User property of controller is a little bit tricky. #12:50 11.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Embedded Power BI reports with ASP.NET Core

Last year I had some projects where I had to embed Power BI reports to ASP. NET Core applications. #05:17 10.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


DataSet and DataTable based ad-hoc reporting with ASP.

In one of my projects I have some ASP. NET Core views that display multiple tables with reporting data. Data comes from SQL Server views and stored procedures and these can be modified in database without deploying application to server again. I came out with very common solution in ASP. #04:21 08.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Execute raw SQL commands in Entity Framework Core

I have never seen a real-life project where object-relational mapper generates 100% of needed SQL. There have always been those special cases when raw SQL commands are needed. #08:06 07.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Get notification to e-mail when I post something

First of all – thanks to all my blog readers to be here with me. Last year was the one where the most important metric of blogs – number of page views – made its yearly record and reached a million. #11:08 03.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Using CSOM from Azure Functions

I got back to active SharePoint and CSOM development some months ago and first thing to do was to port bunch of workflows from in-prem SharePoint to cloud. Where I live we don’t usually have any simple workflows. Most of them need some backing code due to custom logic. #08:13 02.01.2020 kanalilt DT blogi


Copy production database to staging on Azure DevOps

I’m building build and release pipeline on Azure DevOps for one of my projects. We want to automate testing and deployments to staging environment. At staging environment we want to use copy of production database to make sure that testers are working with latest data. #07:18 30.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Using nameof operator in C#

There’s one very useful and often overlooked operator in C#. It’s called nameof and its purpose is to return name of something. Although it is operator we can live without it may still commit to coding by pointing out some errors at compile time. Here’s how to use the nameof operator in practice. #06:50 19.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Logging NHibernate SQL commands to debug window

I know there are advanced tools like SQL Server Profiler and NHibernate Profiler but often I want to see NHibernate queries just in debug window to have overview of what’s going on. #04:53 17.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Using configurable composite command in multi-tenant ASP.

My previous posts about tenant-based dependency injection and using composite command in ASP. NET Core culminated with idea to use configurable composite commands in multi-tenant ASP. NET Core applications. #08:26 11.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Using Windows Forms DataGridView in .NET Core 3.1

Windows Forms is coming to . NET Core and last version of Visual Studio 2019 Preview comes with form designer built in. There are basic controls available in toolbox but not all out-of-box controls have made their way there. One of these is DataGridView. #06:53 09.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi


Tenant-based dependency injection in multi-tenant ASP.

One need in multitenant applications is injecting dependencies based on tenant configuration. It can be actually more complex as instances may need constructor parameters. Here is my example of dynamic injection of multiple file clients in ASP. NET Core multi-tenant web application. #22:09 01.12.2019 kanalilt DT blogi