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Speaking at Riga Dev Days 2018

This week I am speaker at Riga Dev Days 2018 conference – the biggest one happening this year at Baltic states. It has workshops day on 29th of May and two conference days on 30th and 31st of May. My presentation is on 30th at 17:30 o’clock and it is about Azure Computer Vision services. #07:13 29.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi

Analyzing images using Azure Cognitive Services

Computer Vision API of Azure Cognitive Services can be used to analyze and describe images. It’s rich API that supports also faces and landmarks recognition, not to mention automatic describing and tagging of images. #04:28 29.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Effective bundling with ASP.NET MVC

Bundling and minification has been available in ASP. NET MVC for a long time. This blog post focuses on problems people have had with bundling and provides working solutions for those who cannot use bundling in ASP. NET MVC for different reasons. #06:24 25.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Building confirm delete dialog on Blazor

Blazor supports communication with JavaScript using JavaScript interop. I used JavaScript interop in Blazor when building confirm delete dialog of my Blazor demo application. This blog post shows how to interact with JavaScript code from Blazor and how to build interactive dialogs. #03:57 24.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Automatically describing and tagging pictures on SharePoint using Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services has wider audience than cool young guys developing very cool mobile apps. These services can be used in very different use cases. #05:00 23.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Non-trailing named arguments in C# 7.2

One small change that comes with C# 7. 2 is support for non-trailing named arguments in method calls. This post explains what are non-trailing named arguments, how to use them and how they look after compiling. #05:16 22.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Dependency injection in Blazor

In one of my previous Blazor post Separating code and presentation of Blazor pages I briefly covered dependency injection in Blazor views and components. #04:50 17.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


protected private access modifier in C# 7.2

C# 7. 2 introduces new access modifier – protected private. It targets developers who are responsible for class libraries and API-s design and who need also consistent design for internals of class libraries. This blog post shows how protected private access modifier works. #04:58 16.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Building Blazor pager component

I had presentation for local community about Blazor and as a side-product I built something useful. Blazor supports components that are a little bit similar to ones we have in React. js. #04:59 15.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Default literal expressions in C# 7.1

C# 7. 1 introduces a little update to default literal expressions that makes them a little bit shorter and on some cases helps us write cleaner and more readable code. This blog post introduces this litlle feature update in C# 7. #04:55 11.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Separating code and presentation of Blazor pages

Although there are many examples available demonstrating Blazor views it is also possible to separate code and presentation by using Razor pages with backing model. This blog post is based on my Blazor presentation and focuses on separating code and presentations of Blazor pages. #05:26 10.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Advanced Raspberry Pi traffic lights simulator

My previous post about Raspberry Pi traffic lights introduced simple traffic lights simulator. #04:57 09.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Creating PDF on ASP.NET Core

Creating PDF files on ASP. NET Core has been issue for awhile. I needed some proof-of-concept solution to prove it’s possible to generate PDF files on ASP. NET Core easily without writing a lot of code or going through complex configuration. I solved the problem and here is my solution. #06:28 08.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018 is coming to Tallinn!

The new event we will hold first time this year at Tallinn is Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018. It takes place at 16th of June at premises of local Microsoft office. The event is organized by UserGroup Estonia – the local Microsoft user-group managed by Estonian MVP-s. #07:06 03.05.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Simulating traffic lights with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT Core

Most of beginner examples for Raspberry Pi introduce how to turn on and off LED lamp. I wrote a little bit more complex starting example but it has some touch from real life – my example simulates traffic lights. #04:45 30.04.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Inferred tuple names in C# 7.1

Although C# 7. 1 hasn’t many new features there are still some convenience hacks I like. One of these is inferred tuple names meaning that we can name tuple members using variable names. It’s not a big change in language but it still makes code a little bit cleaner where tuples are used. #05:45 26.04.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


WebAssembly apps with Blazor

Next version of ASP. NET Core is getting better and better and with it we can use new tooling for Blazor applications announced yesterday at official ASP. NET blog. Blazor is Microsoft tooling to build WebAssembly applications using . NET languages. #06:42 18.04.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Visual Studio Live Share for collaborative coding

Sharing code and working together on it in real time from different locations has been issue for years. We have video chat and screen sharing for long time but working on same files together in IDE has been a dream. Visual Studio Live Share is here to solve the problem. #07:00 19.03.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


VS Code for PHP development

Although most of my work time is spent on ASP. NET and SharePoint development I also have some PHP projects. I have my own favorite thin tooling for PHP but I decided to give a try to Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with one of the projects. #07:00 16.02.2018 kanalilt DT blogi


Culture based views in ASP.NET Core

ASP. NET Core supports culture based views for more complex localizations. It means we have one view per culture per controller action. This blog post shows how to use culture based views in ASP. NET Core and how to implement them. Sample solution. #07:00 15.02.2018 kanalilt DT blogi