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Quan Yin and Travel Through the Dimensions ~ Diana Cooper ~ 13 January 2019

PinterestSource: Diana CooperQuan Yin and Travel Through the Dimensions Dragons enable us to travel through the dimensions. When you visit higher frequencies during meditation, a dragon has almost certainly joined you. #10:00 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

UFO truther Bob Lazar & filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on Larry King ~ 10 January 2019

When I saw this being posted in Cyberspace, I couldn't believe my eyes. Larry King interviewing Bob Lazar?It's for real. Here for the video. What more does the public need to wake up to what's out there?. #09:54 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Help with Anxiety ~ Richard Rudd, Donna Eden, Guruji Krishnananda

With the Collective Consciousness knee-deep in the clearing process, sensitives can feel high levels of anxiety which are not their own. #09:13 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Skywatch ~ Mary Oge Chuks ~ 13 January 2019

Wow. What else can I say?Please view Mary's video here on fb, which has better resolution. Or here on yt. As an aside, assuming most of all these sightings are genuine and authentic, my take is that they are equally eager to appear and show up. #08:16 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Another Round

Space Observing System #08:00 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

The Infinite Field of Potentials ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 12 January 2019

I believe many can readily relate to this. Source: Jenny Schiltz“Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”There is a feeling in the air of being in a new space energetically. The best way I can describe it is “there are no walls”. #04:52 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

2019 Rhythms of Cosmic Quickening ~ Tiara Kumara ~ 12 January 2019

The following is a text excerpt of Tiara Kumara's video. She mentions the laying of the energetic foundation, which is what I "saw" not too long ago and wrote about. There's another update I need to write about it, which I will. . . . later. #03:48 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

SR Reading

Space Observing SystemI swear I had difficulty breathing around that time. #03:22 13.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan


Angelic Frequencies & New Colours Coming In ~ Celia Fenn & Gail Swanson ~11 Janaury 2019

Source: Celia FennI have had some people write to me about the Angelic Frequencies and the new colors coming in, so I thought I would use some of the work of the amazingly talented Gail Swanson to demonstrate. #16:12 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Turn Your Frustration into Manifestation ~ Lee Harris ~ 11 January 2019

A short excerpt from Lee Harris' January Energy update. Source: Lee Harris Now is the time to to focus on what you want to manifest and how you can create. Those of you who really take time to listen, slow down, take space in January - you are going to see the best effects. #16:04 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

New Angelic Human ~ Shekina Rose ~ 11 January 2018

Source: Shekina RoseBlue Ray Transmission: Star Born Empath for the New Earth & New Angelic Divine Human Crystal Age ~*Ask you questions about the Blue Ray see below details~~ You are leaving the 3d reality and existence that limited your divine expression and holy sovereignty to be in complete sacred union with the universe. Master Light #15:55 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

South Africa ~ Diana Cooper ~ 11 January 2019

Dragons can delve into deep, dense matter in a way that angels cannot Source: Diana CooperSouth Africa is the solar plexus chakra of Earth. Your personal solar plexus chakra, when it is third dimensional, absorbs the fear around you. #15:50 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 11 January 2019

What Laura Eisenhower said, above. . . . wow. I never looked at it that way before. Source: Laura EisenhowerBecause we were born into captivity, we fear our own natural habitat. . . The willingness to go home is also the patience to transition with grace and ease, instead of drama and conflict. #11:04 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Message from Arcturian Council 01. 19 ~ Morag ~ 12 January 2019.

I was just remarking to myself earlier today that I seem to be going through an Arcturian-themed phase. . . . Source: Awakening 5D HealingWelcome dear ones to the higher realms of perception, where thought manifests on quantum frequencies. #08:32 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Eclipse Doorway ~ Meg Benedcite ~ 11 January 2019

Source: New Earth Central We are currently in the Eclipse Zone that culminates next week with the Blood Supermoon Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 20-21 at 0°Leo. Eclipses act as major catalysts in life, triggering sudden change and course corrections. #08:13 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Gateway of Light Online Event ~ Sandra Walter ~ 11 January 2019

I'm posting this for the message. Source: Sandra WalterBlessings Beloveds ~We continue to assist Gaia in this transition of her magnetic core shift. I have noticed more scientific articles emerging about the increased changes in the magnetic fields, more rapid pole shifts, etc. #08:02 12.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan


Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why ~ Alexandra Witze ~ January 2019

I'm finding this current resurgence about Earth's magnetic pole rather intriguing. As far as I know, this topic was extensively covered last year ~ one such coverage was by Live Science here. (They reported that a magnetic pole shift could happen "ridiculously quickly". #04:09 11.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Christ/Mary Magdalene/Mother Mary Integration: Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon January 20, 2019 ~ Maureen Moss ~ 10 January 2019

Maureen Moss' website is here. I'm not able to properly format this as I'm on the move, so will leave it as it is. Beloved Ones, Since the powerful Solstice in December a quantum leap was made in our evolutionary spiral and continues strongly though this active month of January. #03:28 11.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan


Solara's 2019 Surf Report: Turning the Tide

Source: Solara Surf ReportLooking Back at 2018Please visit the site for the rest of the report. #15:40 10.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Current SR Reading

Space Observing System #15:08 10.01.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan