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Eile (20.11.2019)

Celia Fenn Update ~ 20 November 2019

Source: Celia FennAs we move towards Ophiucus/Sagittarius, we have been "diving deep" with the Scorpio energies. This has been an intense time of very deep level healing and clearing, both individually and collectively. #15:19 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Simple Tool for Mastering Your World ~ Clip: Jason Estes #24

"The only thing that's holding you from moving forward is not mastering what's in front of you. " Source: MTVOTeam (including clip)An awesome practice for mastering your world. #06:30 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0 ~ Initiating Something ~ MTVOTeam.

Feeling and being fear of initiating something is now being released and cleared from in and around me Please continue here to complete the set. #06:22 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Vlogs 140 & 141 ~ Patricia Cota-Robles

Posting Vlogs 141 & 142 as they are related. Vlog 140 ~ We Are Being Called to Higher ServiceVlog 141 ~ Your Light is Needed NowPatricia Cota-Robles reminds us that we have a Higher Service to perform, and not just depend on Governments to make the changes. #05:48 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 November 2019

Source: Jason EstesUpdate:Welcome to the Prewave of the 3pt for the 23rdalot is happening right now as 2 of the 3 timeline leaders are now on a single timeline and we are moving towards a master line as the two leaders sync up and the two timelines become onemajor updates to the timeline occur, while these are not influxes they can feel quite i #05:10 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

The Higher Self Leads. . . Freedom Codes on Point ~ Maureen Moss ~ 19 November 2019.

Carole FranquesOur journey forward would not be possible without the presence/merger of our own Divinity. #03:55 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

In Full Encounter with My Divine Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111"On this day I give myself permission to open the door to my own Divine Self so I may see myself in truth, as I truly am. #03:47 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Soul-Led ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 November 2019

Source: Lee HarrisOne of the things that I have encountered many times (particularly during my early years on the spiritual path), is the idea that if we’re aligned and living a soul-led life, then nothing should be going wrong on the human plane. I don't ascribe to that belief at all. #03:04 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Super Strong Incoming Wave ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 19 November 2019

Amanda LorenceSuper strong incoming wave started several hours agoExquisiteWe are being "held" #02:47 20.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Üleeile (19.11.2019)

Becoming the Lotus Meditation & Karmic Clearing Audio ~ Judy Satori ~ 18 November 2019

This is a truly beautiful and powerful meditation. . . . Source: Judy SatoriLast week I spoke about the “Becoming the Lotus” meditation from my Healing the Pain program. If you missed it here it is again from the free EXPLORE section of my Ascension Library. https://bit. ly/32EELbi Also, from this program is a karmic clearing audio to support you if you have a tendency to invalidate yourself, or make yourself wrong. #10:27 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Who are the Starseeds? ~ Eric Raines ~ 18 November 2019

Source: Eric Raines The word Starseed is thrown around quite a bit in the spiritual community, but what is the energy behind this word? What does it mean to be a Starseed and what can we do here on Earth to fulfill that? When Earth began to fall behind in the natural evolutionary cycles, it brought attention from pure, pristine sources of light #10:07 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Inner Heiros Gamos ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 18 November 2019

Thanks to distorted teachings, the concept of Hieros Gamos has been corrupted in many circles. Hieros Gamos must take place within the individual first, in order to become whole and complete. Then and only then, can true Sacred Union occur. #08:08 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Duality: Initiation with Matias De Stefano ~ 30 September 2019 ~ S1:Ep2

Please watch the video here:https://www. gaia. com/share/ck35hm885006r0kl201fzf7k4?language[]=enMatias de Stefano explains duality and its role in creating experiences, and ultimately why we need to be in Unity, from a refreshing perspective. "The only reality is Unity. #08:06 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Beliefs About Religion & Spirituality ~ Clip: Jason Estes #23

Paraphrasing: If you continue to hold the beliefs of the world around you, you will fall apart, because that world is falling apart. Please listen here. #05:07 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0 ~ Spiritual Lineages ~ MTVOTeam.

Spiritual lineages are now being released and cleared from my conscious reality Please continue here for the rest of the commands. #05:00 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Dismantling Grey Alien Technology ~ Lisa Renee ~ 17 November 2019

Source: Energetic SynthesisThis last week has greatly increased the activity made by the dark Grey Alien and Zeta groups attempting to gain control over their artificial timeline technology network in sections of the field as it systematically fails, that which they have used since World War II as soul capture imaging devices of planetary inha #04:57 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Maureen Moss Update ~ with Lady Claudine ~ 18 November 2019

Source: Maureen MossThis Pleaidian Message was brought through me on the 11:11. This morning I was guided to share it here. #04:47 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Mistaking the Small Self for the Divine Being ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111Never think for a moment that we teach you to abandon the things of this world because that has never been our teaching. But the attachment to the material realm as your safety, as the thing you need the most, simply anchors you more to this level of vibration. #04:40 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Our Stories ~ Jenny Schiltz

Jenny SchiltzStaying in our stories limits our true potentialWho would you be without the stories you tell about yourself? #04:37 19.11.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan