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Saving Shark Babies

Sharks are a vital part of marine ecology, keeping everything beneath them in the food chain in check. But they’re being caught and consumed at an alarming rate, and people aren’t even realising it. #08:49 27.09.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Who Owned the Right of the First Night in Estonia?

Merili Metsvahi is a Senior Researcher of Estonian and Comparative Folklore at the University of Tartu. ‘Le droit du Seigneur’ (1874) by Vasily Polenov. An old man brings his young daughters to their feudal lord. #08:23 18.09.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


I am the one who knocks – overcoming the small cultural differences on a term abroad

Before arriving in Estonia, I wondered how it would be to spend six months in the north of Europe. I knew about a few things – beautiful nature, the vibrant student city, the emotional history – but how it would be to live in the City of good thoughts was not imaginable for me. #13:44 10.09.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


How Rector’s Golf Cup Tournament was organised: take a peek

Last Sunday, the 8th University of Tartu Rector’s Cup Golf Tournament was held at the Otepää Golf Centre, where I was set at the forefront of the organizing team when I started working at UT. Yes, I am a relatively fresh employee of UT. #07:24 01.09.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Scientists, students, and companies interested in scientific cooperation will start working together

Last week, Delta Centre received its cornerstone. It will be built in the city centre of Tartu, next to the shore of Emajõgi river. Scientists, students, and companies interested in scientific cooperation will start working there. #09:28 23.08.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Neuroscientist Jaan Aru: smart devices don’t make you better in your work

No one regrets in the last hour of their life “sorry that I didn’t respond faster to an e-mail”. But for some reason, people think that constantly checking e-mails on a smart device and answering them right away is something important. #14:42 17.08.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


A moss thought to be extinct is resurrected in a University of Tartu laboratory

The University of Tartu scientists collected a peat sample from Lääne-Virumaal Äntu nature reserve, which grew sprouts of Meesia longiseta moss, previously thought to be extinct. Now Tartu has anecdotes comparing the resurrection of moss to the resurrection of mammoths. #20:14 09.08.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Why leaving the research site is important for a political scientist

I received inspiration and motivation for this article from two important projects that I participated in this summer which will have a long-lasting impact for me and for my country (Ukraine). #07:15 03.08.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


An important genetic test for pregnant women will soon be made in Estonia

Estonian researchers have developed an innovative method of medical genetics that will enable non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to be carried out soon in Estonia. #13:35 27.07.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Lynx videos – get familiar with Estonian animal of the year!

The Animal of the Year 2018 is the extremely beautiful Eurasian Lynx. Although quite widespread in Estonia, their presence remains largely unnoticed due to their low abundance and hidden lifestyle. #08:11 23.07.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Doctoral Students’ Stories – Reasons to Undertake the Journey

This spring we brought you some stories from various (mostly financial) challenges doctoral students face every day. Despite all that, each year hundreds of young researchers both start and carry on with their doctoral studies. #08:14 18.07.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


The season of graduation: European politics for youths & changes across continents

I talked the talk and walked the walk with my 2nd-semester well-spent. In this Estonian city of good thoughts, I gave my best shot to make every possible change happen across the continents. #07:44 05.07.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid: Tartu and the university symbolically bind us all into one

At the invitation of Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, six European heads of state arrived in Tartu on the 22nd of June to celebrate Estonia`s 100th anniversary. #09:29 28.06.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


First Peoples: study finds two ancient ancestries ‘reconverged’ with settling of South America

New research using ancient DNA finds that a population split after people first arrived in North America was maintained for millennia before mixing again before or during the expansion of humans into the southern continent. #12:03 21.06.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


The New Rector of the University of Tartu is a Man of Action

Colleagues say that Toomas Asser, who was elected rector on 26 April, is a true Estonian in the best sense of the word: he says a lot in few words and does even more. #16:37 13.06.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


5 Hacks for Making the Most out of a UT Mentoring Programme

In the end of 2017 University of Tartu started a pilot mentoring programme for bringing together talented alumni and students to make the most out of each others’ skills and knowledge base – students could have a sneak peek into the professional „grown-up“ world, whereas the alumni could potentially find a future employee or gain some fresh „out of #12:25 06.06.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Do it for Tartu – what we can offer the City of Good Thoughts (Heade mõtete linn)

“We tried to engage and invite them to an event. We made an effort. But it didn’t seem to work out”. Over a week ago, I had a conversation with my classmate when we saw each other at “Escape Room to the Future”, Tartu’s Vision Day on bidding for the European Capital of Culture in 2024. #06:44 01.06.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


How Lasting is Human Memory? Four Suggestions to Improve It!

A memory could stay with a person for the lifetime, but its content might change. One should not worry about forgetting the most beautiful moments of his/her life. The most vivid memories stay in memory for decades and there are many strategies to keep them fresh. #07:37 24.05.2018 kanalilt UT Blog


Practical Field Research in Conflict Areas: Cyprus

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, is an extremely pleasant and popular tourist destination. #07:39 17.05.2018 kanalilt UT Blog



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