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Traditional Christmas roast (oven-baked pork shoulder with honey, mustard and rosemary)

From the recipe archives (originally posted in December 2012. Still my favourite Christmas roast). #09:56 19.12.2016 kanalilt nami-nami: a food blog


Exploring the Fish Market in Jimbaran, Bali

Our little family of five spent three weeks exploring the beautiful Island of the Gods aka Bali earlier this year. #17:09 23.11.2016 kanalilt nami-nami: a food blog


Persimmon with honeyed yoghurt

How do you enjoy the persimmons, in season right now?Here in Estonia we can by mostly the heart-shaped hachiya variety, which is astringent when raw, but meltingly sweet when ripe. #14:28 12.11.2016 kanalilt nami-nami: a food blog


Genius Apple Rollups aka Crispy Apple Bread Cigars

Those baked apple pie roll ups by Spend With Pennies turned up on social media last week and I decided to give them a go. #07:26 18.10.2016 kanalilt nami-nami: a food blog


It's cinnamon bun day (kanelbullens dag)!

It's Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden today. Cinnamon Bun Day was established in 1999, or 17 years ago, when Swedish Home Baking Council (Hembakningsrådet) came up with the idea when looking for a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary. #05:30 04.10.2016 kanalilt nami-nami: a food blog