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Täna (17.06.2019)

Full Moon Invocation for Power and Clarity ~ Tim Whild ~ 17 June 2019

Source: Tim WhildI now open my Causal Chakra to the light of the Full Moon allowing the Unicorns full access to this beautiful world. I AM an anchor for the Highest Light. I now re-call all fragments of my energy, power and Soul from other time, spaces, people and alternative realities. I AM Whole and I AM Powerful. 12:14 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

June 2019 Full Moon ~ Essence Ka Tha'ras ~ 16 June 2019

Yet again, we're being told of even more intense energies pouring forth. Essence Ka Tha'ras tells us:There are several layers of Frequency Energy being emitted by this particular Full Moon; therefore this Full Moon will affect people in varying ways. The ways in which people will experience the energy of this Full Moon are very much dependent on the frequency they are currently holding, emitting and maintaining. 08:58 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Am I Doing Enough? ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By LightAm I Doing Enough? I was touched when a person asked me this question: “All around, there is so much of hate, greed and gossip. I keep asking myself ‘Am I doing enough?’ I think I need to meditate more and channel more Light. ” It is amazing that people can think like this, taking responsibility for the life around them. It is true. 08:48 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Cosmic Laws ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes

The Universal Law is that knowledge, that awareness, that all living things, that all Life has within it that vitality, that strength, to gather from itself all things necessary for its growth and its fuitionCosmic Laws of Cosmic AwarenessSource: MTVOTeamEvery Sunday, we'll post a new Cosmic Law. The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to. 08:30 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0: Day 12 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes.

Feeling and being never measuring up is now being released and cleared from in and around mePlease visit MTVOTeam for the rest of the commands. 08:25 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Jason Estes Update ~ 16 June 2019

Source: Jason EstesUpdate: A major gift for those who have done the work is coming from the 18th-21st is a time you will get 300x more from all actions and choicesthis support window is designed to assist those who are ready to step into the next level,this being said its important to understand manifestation enhancements like this go both ways so be aware of where you spend your energy and focus on yourself and those who come to you for assistanceremember everyone is perfect till they say 08:18 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Lauren C Gorgo ~ 16 June 2019

This isn't Lauren C Gorgo's usual 5D Report, but I feel it's even more important considering the Celestial alignments just around the corner. That we are inexorably heading towards something very major very soon (not The Big One, though. . . . ) is feeling more palpable with each passing day (and of course, "day" goes by ever faster). 07:27 17.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Metsik töö Lehtmetsas

JĂ€rgmisel pĂ€eval jĂ€tkus töö tĂ€ie rangusega. Valus oli, aga kannatasime Ă€ra. Merike kĂŒll paaril korral peaaegu loobus ja ĂŒritas koju sĂ”ita, aga Ă”nneks bussi ei tulnud. Ka KĂŒllike pĂŒĂŒdis korra minema joosta, aga viimasel hetkel meenus, et ta on oma kodus. Raske fĂŒĂŒsiline töö vĂ€sitas lavastaja tĂ€itsa Ă€ra. PĂ”gusa uinaku jĂ€rel proovis ta tĂ”husamaid meetodeid. Kuna KĂŒllike ju inimese jutust aru ei saa, leiti talle abiĂ”petaja. 05:58 17.06.2019 kanalilt Alburahva Teater

Eile (16.06.2019)


Esimene etapp on valmis. JÀrgmiseks on vaja Ôiget tooni Ôli ja edasi tuleb loomakese posti otsa paigaldamine. Ps. VÔitsin tÀna Valge Roosi karikavÔistlustel teise koha. Olin eestlastest parim, vÔitis lÀtlanna. 23:01 16.06.2019 kanalilt Kaosest tyhjusse

Kas ma olen ka nĂŒĂŒd hĂŒpohondrik?

See posititus saab nĂŒĂŒd olema natukene irooniline ja hĂ€sti palju stiilis "teise silmas pindu nĂ€eb. . . " Ärge siis pahandage. Nimelt, meedikuna töötamine on mind muutnud kergelt immuunseks teatud sorti patsiendipoolsete kaebuste suhtes. 22:31 16.06.2019 kanalilt confessions of a drama queen

Those Intricate Crop Circles.....

This is the last time we bring the wives!Nice Synchronicity. . . . the recently reported Crop Circle in France was certainly fancy enough!This was shared in a closed group. 20:35 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Enne suurt sadu

Erakordne kuumalaine sai eelmise nĂ€dalavahetusega lĂ€bi. EsmaspĂ€eval tegime tiiru pealinnas, tervisekontrollis ja veetsime aega LĂ”visĂŒdamikuga. PĂ€ev oli ilma vihmata kuid natuke jahedam. Kahel viimasel ööl ja pĂ€eval on sĂ€hvinud Ă€ike ja mĂŒristanud. Sademeid tuli ohtrasti, kartulivaod olid vahepeal vett triiki tĂ€is. Sooja on 20°C piires. Aiapildid on tehtud enne suurt vihma. 19:38 16.06.2019 kanalilt Manni tegemised

SR Reading.....Again....

Space Observing SystemI'm SR-spamming myself, I know, but. . . . I'm thinking this could have been what I felt as I was posting Celia Fenn's update. 19:34 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Celia Fenn Update ~ 16 June 2019

The strange thing is that just as I'm posting this, I can feel a frequency coming in that's making my High Heart thump faster. Lasted less than a minute. And oh, Celia Fenn is in the 2020 Club. 19:18 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

The Next Step in Our Physical Transformation ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 15 June 2019

Patricia Cota-Robles' website is Era of Peace. At the beginning of 2019 our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, who are assisting us from the Realms of Illumined Truth, revealed that this year the Earth is moving into uncharted frequencies of Light. They said that, mercifully, these NEW frequencies of Light will help Humanity to transcend our limitations from the past. 18:42 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Clear Camp Initiative 2. 0: Day 11 ~ MTVOTeam / Jason Estes ~ 15 June 2019.

Feeling and being left out is not being released and cleared from in and around me Please read the rest of the commands here. 18:37 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

We Are In Times of Elevation ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 June 2019

Source: Lee HarrisHealing energy is very strong at the moment and it is directly linked to ELEVATION. We are undeniably in times of elevation. But often what happens to us before we elevate is we contract. You may have heard about the principle of CONTRACTION before EXPANSION. It’s the fear or reluctance we feel to moving forward right before we have a breakthrough. The step back before the spring forward. 18:37 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Crop Circle: Annexe Gare D181, Nr Saint Hippolyte, France ~ 13 June 2019

Please visit Crop Circle Connector for more details. The text at the bottom of the page states that the total length of the two circles run over 200 metres. The reports in the Comments section are in French (this is in France, after all) which I do not understand (and I'll try not to google translate) but I do see names of the Planets. 18:30 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan

Kastre valla Infolehes

http://www. kastre. ee/documents/18139828/18434686/meie_kastre_juuni_2019_trykk. pdf/febbd2e4-61bc-4335-9674-5a5ae1ed0994minu artikkelgi. 18:07 16.06.2019 kanalilt ratastooli Tiia

Stronger Energetic Awakenings ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 June 2019

Stronger energetic awakenings are flooding the PlanetThis is such a nice way of describing it. . . . Source: Lee HarrisThese stronger energetic awakenings that keep flooding the planet are now scooping more and more people up. 17:44 16.06.2019 kanalilt The Earth Plan