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ASP.NET Core: Implementing Syslog logger

My previous blog post Windows IoT Core: Logging to Syslog server introduced how to communicate with Syslog server from Windows 10 IoT Core applications. This blog post shows how to log messages to Syslog server from ASP. NET Core applications. Syslog server is popular logs server from Linux world. It is usually separate box or virtual machine that accepts log messages but it is not accessible by external users. 10:20 16.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Windows IoT Core: Logging to Syslog server

Syslog servers are most popular in Linux world. These servers accept logs from different clients and are not opened to external network. There are also Syslog servers available for Windows. This blog post shows how to write messages to Syslog server from WIndows 10 IoT Core background application. Syslog server Syslog server is logging server. 10:40 15.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP.NET Core: Environment based start-up classes

My previous blog post ASP. NET Core: Environment based configuring methods introduced how to use environment based configuring methods of application start-up class. This blog post goes further and introduces environment based start-up classes that can be used by applications that have more complex needs on configuration based on environment. 10:30 14.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP. NET Core: Environment based configuring methods.

Fancy thing that ASP. NET Core supports is environment based application configuring on code level. We can write special methods to application start-up class and use default ones as fallbacks. This blog post shows how to write environment based configuring methods on ASP. NET Core. Default configuring methods of start-up class When we create new ASP. NET Core application then Startup class looks like this. 10:20 13.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP. NET Core: Simple localization and language based URL-s.

ASP. NET Core comes with new support for localization and globalization. I had to work with one specific prototyping scenario at work and as I was able to solve some problems that also other people may face I decided to share my knowledge and experience with my readers. This blog post is short overview of simple localization that uses some interesting tweaks and framework level dependency injection. 09:28 10.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP.NET Core Response Cache

Where is output cache in ASP. NET Core? Is it gone? No, it’s there but in new and better extensible form and it is called now response caching. This blog post shows how to use response caching on ASP. NET Core and provides tips about some internals of it. In ASP. NET Core caching is solved as middleware service that comes with Microsoft. AspNetCore. ResponseCaching NuGet package. In MVC caching is driven by ResponseCache attribute. 10:30 09.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP.NET Core: How log filtering works

Logging infrastructure of ASP. NET Core supports logs filtering that is useful when we need one logging configuration for development environment and the another for live environment by example. This blog post introduces log filtering in ASP. NET Core through simple dummy controller code samples. In ASP. NET Core loggers have names. When we ask for logger we also specify the name for logger. 10:30 06.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Using Windows IoT Remote Client

Want to set up your RaspberryPi with Windows 10 IoT Core and have remote access to device with like remote desktop? Good news is that Windows 10 IoT Core supports something close to it and there is remote access app that works on Windows 10, Windows Phone 10 and even HoloLens. Enabling remote access to Windows 10 IoT Core Remote server support came with one of latest Windows 10 IoT updates and it must be first enabled using web interface. 09:48 01.03.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Speaking at DevConf.cz 2017 about ASP.NET Core

This Saturday I will be speaker at DevConf. cz 2017 event and I will speak about ASP. NET Core debvelopment on Linux. It’s my first time to speak at some Linux conference and I’m very excited to see how things go there. I’m not complete noobie on Linux but still I cannot consider myself as professional. Still I find Linux to be interesting platform and I’m clad that also Microsoft supports it. Here’s the overview of my presentation. 11:00 26.01.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Building simple plug-ins system for ASP.NET Core

Recently I built plug-ins support to my TemperatureStation IoT solution web site. The code for . NET Core is different from what we have seen on full . NET Framework (application domains etc) but there’s still nothing complex. This blog post describes how to build simple plug-ins support to ASP. NET Core web application. 10:30 25.01.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Defensive logging on ASP.NET Core

ASP. NET Core logging framework is intelligent one and it supports also so called defensive logging that helps us to have intelligent logs but still avoid putting additonal load to system when it’s not needed. This blog post is short overview of defensive logging on ASP. NET Core. Defensive logging is supported by ASP. NET Core logging framework. 10:30 19.01.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


File logging on ASP.NET Core

ASP. NET Core introduces new framework level logging system. Although it is feature-rich it is not complex to use and it provides decent abstractions that fit well with the architecture of most web applications. This blog post shows how to set up and use Serilog file logging using framework-level dependency injection. Configuring logging Logging is configured in ConfigureServices() method of Startup class. ASP. 10:25 17.01.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Paging with Entity Framework Core

Paging query results is timeless topic and some days ago I got question about how to do it with Entity Framework Core. Using my previous work on paging I wrote some simple extension methods that work with IQueryable<T> interface. There’s also method that maps entities to models. Paging classes Let’s start with paging classes. 10:30 09.01.2017 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Fallback logger for Windows 10 IoT Core

We love to use our favorite logging solutions as much as possible but if external storage or external services are involved we cannot guarantee that logging works in crisis situation. This blog post introduces wrapper or fallback logger that uses main one to log all the messages and secondary one when main logger fails. 10:16 14.12.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Visual Studio Code: Debugging C# code

One of my reader asked how to debug C# code using Visual Studio Code. This blog post provides simple step by step guide to C# debugging in Visua Studio Code. In short – C# extension for Visual Studio Code must be installed. Works on Windows, Linux and Apple. Open extensions by clicking on last icon of icons pane in left: After installing C# extension Visual Studio Code asks if it can reload window to activate the extension. 10:20 08.12.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Command-line ASP.NET Core development on Linux

Although command-line is not so popular thing in Windows world it has more love by developers in Linux world. In the light of . NET Core and ASP. NET Core that run also on Linux, developers from Linux world want to know if they can also develop ASP. NET Core applications using simple command-line tools. Here is my overview about how to develop, build and run ASP. NET Core applications on Linux command-line. 10:18 07.12.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Running Visual Studio Code on Linux

For my up-coming presentation “ASP. NET Core on Linux” I need Linux VM I can access with Remote Desktop to run Visual Studio Code. After hours of different problems that grew fast over my head I was able to make things work and now I have functioning VM I can use for demos. This post is short overview about what I did and it is for those readers who also want to have Linux VM with Visual Studio Code. 10:45 30.11.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


Using ETW tracing on Windows 10 IoT Core

Here is how to make custom event source for ETW (Event Tracing for Windows) work on Windows 10 IoT Core. It’s not so simple as developers of business solutions are used with Microsoft tooling on other areas but it’s not also something too complex or time consuming to do. This blog post introduces simple logging class and steps to make it work on Windows 10 IoT Core. 10:00 28.11.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


ASP.NET Core: Using third-party DI/IoC containers

Although ASP. NET Core has built-in dependency injection support it is still possible to use dependency injection components by other vendors. ASP. NET Core supports other containers through simple IServiceProvider interface. This blog post explains how to use other containers with ASP. NET Core and shows how to use Structuremap and Autofac with framework level dependency injection. Framework level dependency injection ASP. 10:30 23.11.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2


TemperatureStation: My Windows 10 IoT Core solution on Github

I published to Github sample temperature measuring solution that runs on Windows 10 IoT Core and that is built on Visual Studio. Source code with basic documentation is available too. This demo project is there to give some starting point to those who are visiting my Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT sessions in different conferences. TemperatureStation solution is here: https://github. com/gpeipman/TemperatureStation This is the first release and therefore it is pretty laconic. 10:38 16.11.2016 kanalilt DT blogi 2