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Kontsert: Alice Cooper

Käisin eile Alice Cooperi kontserdil – hoolimata sellest, et ta/nad on juba neljandat korda Eestis, ei olnud varem õnnestunud kuulata—näha. Alice Cooper, shock-rocki kuningas, on artistina mulle alati meeldinud – ehkki enamasti tema algaegade periood, seitsmekümnendate ajastu. 1988. aastal tulnud ja ehk meie publiku jaoks tema tuntuim superhitt “Poison” on küll korralik lugu, aga… sisemine põlemine puudub. 14:08 10.10.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3


T4 templates for Web.config/App.config AppSettings

I’ve written before about generic methods to access configuration values. As nice as such generics are, there is still one major issue – you’ll still have to use strings as configuration value keys. Which means there is a possibility to get an invalid key name by accident – or even worse, wrong value from the configuration. Such problems will often come out only after the project has been shipped. 10:37 26.09.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3


Iron Horse – Enter Sandman

From YouTube comments, “James Hetfield "Damnit they sound better than us, SUIT FASTER LAWYERS!!!!!"”Filed under: Muusika 13:10 13.09.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3


A buggy spambot

This blog gets quite a few spam comments – most are caught by Akismet, my own custom filters get about half of the ones missed and rest I have to delete manually. Today, I got an interesting  comment (which was marked as spam by Akismet) – a complete template of a spambot comment, including various alternative phrases/words and multiple messages. I will publish it as it can be used as an example for effective spam filters. 16:07 09.09.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3




Filed under: Infotehnoloogia, Isiklikud 19:12 22.08.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3


Keep away from fire!

…on a t-shirt tag. I’ve never thought about putting my t-shirt to a fire, but now I’m kinda curious. Maybe it is made from flash cotton (nitrocellulose)?Filed under: Huumor. 15:14 20.03.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3



I finally released jQuery. viewSource – a jQuery plugin to show the HTML source of current web page, or just a HTML snippet from a page. This is useful for web pages which include HTML/JS/CSS examples and such. As you can see from the image, the plugin can also highlight the HTML, using google-code-prettify script. You have to include the prettify script and CSS to the page yourself. There are just two methods: Add $(someselector). viewSource(code-to-show-selector); to document. ready() method. 15:13 04.03.2013 kanalilt ...meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev... 3


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